Committee Composition

To assist in carrying out its duties, the First Republic board has delegated certain authority to committees.

The Audit Committee oversees risk through its review of the financial reporting and accounting processes, internal audit and the external auditor.
George G. C.  Parker  Photo
Financial Expert
Cheryl Spielman Photo
Board Member

The Compensation Committee reviews the compensation policies, incentive arrangements and employment agreements to determine whether compensation is in line with prudent management practices, peer firms and industry standards.

The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee assists the Board in fulfilling oversight responsibilities with respect to the risks associated with Board organization, membership, diversity and structure.
Pamela J.  Joyner Photo
Board Member
Boris Groysberg Photo
Board Member
Reynold Levy Photo
Board Member / Lead Outside Director

The Enterprise Risk Management Committee participates in the oversight of the Company's enterprise-wide risk management framework, including the strategies, policies, procedures, and systems, established by management to identify, assess, measure, and manage the major risks.
Reynold Levy Photo
Chairperson / Lead Outside Director
L. Martin  Gibbs  Photo
Board Member
Jim Herbert  Photo
Chairman, CEO and Board Member
Willis H. Newton Jr. Photo
Special Advisor

The Information Security and Technology Committee provides oversight of the information security (including cybersecurity) and enterprise-wide technology functions of the Bank.